Targeted Advertising is Changing the Game for Small Business Owners Post-Pandemic.

SMEs have faced many challenges throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.

Many have had to rely on government support such as the furlough scheme and are keen to turn a profit again after months of heavy losses.

The terrain has been tough and some, sadly, have not survived.

Others have been able to use technological innovations and harness their own grit and ingenuity.

These business owners have navigated choppy waters, pivoted, and must now become even stronger as we enter the post-pandemic era.

Yet, throughout all of this, the latest research shows that the biggest concern for SME owners – in the long and short term – is attracting new customers.

targeted advertising is changing the game

Targeted Advertising is Changing the Game

The problem of how to attract new customers is not a new or unique. The potential solutions have evolved rapidly, however, and will continue to do so.

Technological innovations have changed the game within digital marketing, search engines and social media.

We have opportunities now we could only dream of before.


SME owners think carefully about Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Word of mouth and referrals beat every other form of advertising.

Reputation is karma, and in business good karma means profit.

We think of word of mouth as being ‘free’ but In reality it is an unexpected return on a shrewd investment made years ago.

Word of mouth takes time to build and is almost impossible to predict or track.

Prestigious Association

Mail Metro Media is a well-established, successful and respected media owner with a history of representing the interests of British SMEs.

We at Most Valuable are proud to be recognised as a Platform Partner by Mail Metro Media. Our business is digital marketing and we see this as a brilliant opportunity for independently owned businesses to reach and convert new customers.

As Platform Partners, we can offer you packages which give you control over who sees your ads.

We’ll use the latest innovations to bring you rich and detailed audience insights.

We can deliver your message straight to the hearts and minds of your future customers, with a range of nationally recognisable brands and highly engaged audiences across all age groups,

These are the customers who will provide your business with ‘free’ word of mouth for years to come.

Targeted Means Targeted

When we say targeted, we mean targeted.

You can select your audience based on where they live, how old they are, whether they’re male or female. Or you can select Content you want to be featured with, such as Money or Health.

Or you could target your audience based on Content and Demographics at the same time.

You can even choose the device they’ll see your ad play on – or whether you want to use a static creative or video.

The possibilities are almost endless.


As all SME owners know: nothing is guaranteed and we have to be on top of our game.

The quality of your creative matters (we can help with this if you need it), the quality of your work and your local reputation matters.

There is more to running a successful business than a clever advertising campaign.

But a clever advertising campaign sure helps.

Every Penny Counts

SME owners think differently to heads of large corporations.

Business is personal for us.

You would like to know what you could expect, naturally, since no one can guarantee the results of any campaign.

You’re interested in the costs, of course.

You’re also interested in the value.

You’d love to see some results typical of those our clients have achieved.

digital marketing agency uk
targeted advertising for SMEs

Targeted Advertising is a Safe Bet

SME owners are used to taking calculated risks, it’s what makes our world go around.

Everything in business is a gamble. Targeted advertising in the form of packages we offer are as safe a bet as you will find.

We can increase the profile and prestige of your brand locally by using the power of association with nationally recognised brands.

We can also convert the interest into activity – and profit.

Winner Takes All

We have insights, case studies and tools we can share with you in more detail.

We’re passionate about this subject because digital marketing is our business and we are an SME too.

Our business changed as a result of the pandemic.

We know what it means to have to adapt to survive.

Fortune favours the brave, and those who bounce back quickly will get an advantage on their competitors. As an agency with experience in both digital marketing and PR, we know how to craft a compelling narrative. We also know how to make sure your campaign converts warm fuzzy feelings into cold, hard sales.

It’s been a tough time no doubt, but the opportunities exist to turn things around.


How We Help

Most Valuable is a boutique, full-service digital marketing and PR agency.

Delegation is the art of good management, it pays dividends to hand tasks over to people who will do a good job for you.

We offer Content Creation in the form of video, audio, eBooks, audio books, online courses and more.

As a full-service agency, we offer Copywriting Services to make sure your Ad spend is an investment, not a cost.

We also offer integrated innovations such as automated CRM, funnels, and retargeting.

You can make use of all of these services or none, it’s up to you.

Most Valuable is proud to be recognised as a Platform Partner of Mail Metro Media and to dedicate our business to keeping up to date with the latest trends and research.

Our close working relationship with media owners means we know first when space becomes available.

We are also the first to know about discounts and promotions – all of which we can pass on to our clients.

Choose Most Valuable Advertising because targeted advertising is changing the game for SMEs.


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