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Impact Date: Friday 5th February 20

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“Nice track, cool rocky vibes” Patawawa

“Sounds big!” Starstorm Playlists

“Good vibes” Kane FM

“A fantastic blend of pop and rock” Alfitude

“Neat vibes! Catchy rhythms and great instrumental progressions throughout the track!” Black Raven

“Powerful performance and a great vibe” Secret Eclectic

“Sassy vocal and killer guitar riffs” Playlist Boutique

“Vocals are awesome, love the guitar tones” Ben Clapton

Sofia Palm’s second single ‘Hella Stella’ is the mid-point in a trilogy of planned releases on MoonMan Recordings.

Building on the success of her debut, Raccoona, Hella Stella opens up like a wildcat then stalks into the first verse with playful vocals purring over growling guitar riffs and a heavy kick beat. 

The production has an epic, industrial sound; as if Shirley Manson had formed her own Rhythm Nation, and the accompanying promo clip sees Sofia dancing through a deserted urban landscape impervious to the grey skies and torrential downpour of rain. 

For fans of Raccoona, once again there are the kooky lyrics Sofia has made into something of a trademark: ‘Chin chin, chinchilla…. on our way to dinner’ as the music is stripped bare to just the drumsticks before launching into the final chorus with a cry of ‘I want a gin and tonic!’

If Raccoona gave us playful insouciance, Hella Stella brings the edge: raw and real, there’s urgent power in the vocals and yet there’s still a sense of cool restraint.

A self-taught musician, singer and songwriter, Sofia describes herself as shy growing up.

Her songwriting idols include David Bowie and Queen, but she admires their apparent insouciance as much as their gift for epic narratives and bombastic stage craft – in fact this attraction to DIY ethics and aesthetics is woven through every aspect of Sofia, the Artist and the person, from her music to her hand-drawn tattoos.

Pumping out of the speakers in a basement bar, or ringing across a city square, Hella Stella is here, play it loud. 

“Cool Collegiate Rock” Bristol Funk

“Good Vibes” Chalkpit

“Really Cool Track” Clunk Magazine

“I Loved the Energy…Her Voice is Great” Uni Son

Playlist with: Black Honey, The Big Moon, Girli  


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